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    Through the years, the fruit EXPORT strong growth both in turnover and market presence in many lands “fastidious” ranks in the world such as USA, Japan …, song that results never matched with potential. Great demand, world markets are still wandering, want to really create breakthroughs in the XK, fruit industry is still a lot of work to do.

    Soaring turnover

    According to the Agriculture Department (Ministry of AGRICULTURE and RURAL DEVELOPMENT &): more than 10 years, EXPORTING vegetables in General, especially the fruit items noted the rapid increase. If as of 2005, the new Vietnam vegetables are EXPORTING to 36 countries and territories, on 235 million, by the year 2015, the number of EXPORT market has increased to more than 60 countries and territories, aquaculture also not inferior when touching the level on the 1.8 billion, an increase of 123% over the year 2014 and increase 782.13% compared with 2005. Among them, EXPORT fruit accounted for over 70%. 2015 is the year also marked the highest vegetable and fruit EXPORT turnover to date. Still on da come up, to step 7, beginning in 2016, aquaculture and vegetables nationwide reached 1.385 billion u.s. dollars, an increase of 135.5 percent compared with the same period in 2015.

    In addition to the traditional EXPORT markets, though the difficulty Vietnam song actively open new markets, especially the market of “hard” as u.s., EU, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand … In the MEKONG DELTA, which produces fruit according to good agricultural practices (GAP) are of special interest, in order to meet EXPORT requirements. Many of the models produced by VietGAP, Global GAP has been made and certified on the Rambutan, grapefruit green skin in Ben Tre, grapefruit 5 roi in Vinh Long, Vinh milk breast Kim, Sandy Hoa Loc village, mangoes (pineapple) in Tien Giang, Mango in Dong Thap, …

    However, promptly recognized the new volume of the current XK fruit accounting for about 10-15%. Among them, EXPORTING mainly fresh fruit for items like long bar, label, Rambutan, pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, banana, mango, …, XK in the form of the pineapple, mango for processing in the form of frozen fruit juice, … 85-90% of the remaining fruits are mainly consumed in the domestic market. Easy to find, fruit consumption, demand for which is the fruit of tropical characteristics as Vietnam’s on the world market is still quite large. In the context of the far-reaching integration economy like the present, it is actually the “gold mine” If can raise the possibility of exploitation.

    Beyond the barrier of price and quality

    According to Mr. Hoang Trung, Director of Department of plant protection (Ministry of AGRICULTURE and RURAL DEVELOPMENT &): in deep integration, especially when engaged in economic partnership agreement Pacific penetration strategy (TPP), diminishing the tax route also means the technical barriers such as quarantine conditions, food safety will increase. This is one of the prominent difficulties in EXPORTING fruit. Profile a fruit to be a country accepted then quickly take a year, and average about 3-4 years, even longer can take up to 10 years.

    Related to this issue, Mr Nguyen Huu Reached, Member of the Executive Committee of the Association said that Vietnam vegetables: price and quality of food safety for the fresh fruit EXPORT group is now the big challenge in the XK. Particularly for TPP, among 12 countries to join TPP then quite a lot of water in the “hard” market for the import of fresh fruit, the highlights are the US, Japan, Australia, New Zeland. Ask vegetables exported to this market group is to be produced by VietGAP, adhere to not use some certain pesticide group.

    Cost, current price of finished products of the Vietnam fruits at the market are difficult assessments are on a par with competitive rates. What value for the table is the DN XK often must sign a contract for a year, according to a constant rate, raw material prices result buy farmer’s changed seasonally, according to the time of year. “Normally at the time of the main service, selling prices are lower than other times of the year, however in the garden proper production quality for good fruit, the DN is still buying the 2,000-3,000 higher than VND/kg to XK. However, the reality is on the main stage of the service because the price is too cheap so many farmers to reduce the process of compliance with hygiene standards of food safety. This brings the damage not only for COMPANIES but also fresh fruit EXPORT Vietnam background. A shipment of violating food hygiene and safety, REAL damage in 15 previous successful manufacturing batch, not to mention the progress of production decline and subsequent affected “, he said.

    Derived from the above factors, he reviews: can vegetables industry To develop more sustainable, to ensure competitiveness, the farmers need the sense of cooperation, closely associated with DN, always focused a good production, ensure food safety and not only see the immediate benefit and forgotten national interests. According to some experts, if reviews from the angle of ENTERPRISE, conspicuous at present competitiveness of the EXPORT of Vietnamese fruit FIRMS still low, yet able to deploy strong promotion campaigns to capture more market share, at the same time not yet had enough capacity to capture are tropical fruit distribution system in the market. Therefore, state management bodies should actually hand, practical support to the ENTERPRISES in order to improve this situation. In addition, there is a reasonable policy to attract a large enough capacity, FIRMS make the article a serious investment in the field of processing and EXPORTING the fruit is also effective solutions to.

    The MEKONG DELTA region-wide estimates there above 288,000 hectares of fruit trees of all kinds, for the production of each year on the 3.18 million tons of the fruit to serve consumers and for EXPORT.

    The main fruits include: Dragon fruit, mango, Rambutan, durian, breast milk, grapefruit, Orange, and Tangerine label, most concentrated in the province of Tien Giang, Vinh Long, Soc Trang, Ben Tre and Dong Thap, Hau Giang.

    Since 2000, the economic potential of the garden of the PROVINCES is promoted, in which the cultivation of fruit trees have been people apply scientific, technical progress. Thanks to this output, the quality of the fruit has risen up, forming a number of specialty fruit region commodities focus include: Sandy Hoa Loc Mangoes in Tien Giang and HO CHI MINH CITY. Tho Chu Dong Thap in the Sand, mango, grapefruit In roi in Vinh Long, Soc Trang and Hau Giang, grapefruit green skin in Ben Tre, tangerines Hong Lai Vung in Dong Thap, Tien Giang in Dragon and Long An, Tien Giang in forges milk breast, pineapple Queen in Tien Giang, Hau Giang and Kien Giang.

    According to the Bureau of economic cooperation (the Ministry of AGRICULTURE and RURAL DEVELOPMENT &)

    Thanh Nguyen

    Source: Customs



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