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    The Government has just announced the list of items that will enjoy special tax under the ASEAN goods trade agreement-China (ACFTA).

    The ACFTA is the Member of China, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei.

    According to commit when joining ACFTA, Vietnam committed to abolish tariffs by 90% of the tax line within 10 years, flexible to the last route in 2018. The number of lines remaining Vietnam tax cuts of between 5% and 50% at the end of the route is 2020.

    Meanwhile, China committed to abolish tariffs for 95% of the tax line in 2011. The number of lines remaining sensitive tax, China committed to cuts of 5% to 50% at the end of the roadmap is 2018.

    To enjoy special tax incentives, the goods of the country must have a certificate of origin (c/o) are Industry regulations. Accordingly, thousands of items originating from the ACFTA will apply a 0% tariff when exported to Vietnam and vice versa.

    According to statistics from the General Department of customs, the import of goods from China in September this year reached 35.9 billion dollars. The major imports of products from plastics, fabrics, textile raw materials, iron and steel, computers, cell phones, electrical wires and cables, vegetables, animal food, candy, greasy animal …

    Of these, there are many items located in preferential tariff and tax is 0%. So, with the reduction of tariffs and the Elimination of many tax line, forecasts trade turnover in Vietnam-China, ASEAN-China will increase sharply.

    Specifically, the list of items to be abolished tax and tax reduction under the ACFTA commitment as follows:

    On agriculture, is the kind of live animals such as cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, goose … used for breeding. The type of cattle, pork, fish (except fish fillets) and a variety of other seafood such as shrimp, crab, crab … frozen are the Elimination of the tax.

    Also, is the dairy products, eggs, honey and assorted ivory, apricot, horns, claws, corals, insects.

    Potatoes, vegetables, tomatoes, onions, garlic, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, spinach salad, carrot, beet, vegetable, asparagus, eggplant, celery, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, Zucchini, corn, cassava, rat balance sliced sweet potatoes.

    Fruit trees include almond, coconut, walnuts, pistachio nuts, maccadamia, banana, date, pineapple, butter, guava, mango, mangos, oranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, watermelon, apples, pears, quince, apricot, peach, Plum, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, durian, pink gold, Blueberry, label, Rambutan, lychee, Rambutan, jackfruit, me …

    Coffee, tea, spices, ginger, saffron, n (except type used to detonate pressure roast tax 5%), rice, parboiled rice Thai Hom Mali (except tax pressure 20%), wheat, other cereals … are also 0% tax.

    Cooking oil from Palm oil, peanuts and sunflower seeds (EAP), coconut oil, bakery products, from vegetables. The types of beverages, wine, soda water (minus the beer has fermented, alcoholic wine tax of 5%), animal feed for poultry, pigs are a 5% tax pressure to 2018 to 0%.

    Organic surface activities (excluding soaps), the active surface preparations, preparations used to dry, wash. The drawing color powder, toothpaste, paint, rubber, garments, wood and wood products, paper, textiles, cotton, synthetic fibers, clothing, nuclear reactor, steam turbines and other vapour turbines types.

    Internal combustion engine piston-type compressor-driven combustion have the tax from 0-20%. Dishwashing machines, machines for cleaning or drying bottles or other containers, packaging machines, machines for loading the ga for beverages, mechanical equipment, cranes, lifting the car staggered rows, the agriculture-forestry, hoạhc receivers, air dams, milk processing machines, textile machines, presses, machine ended, machine tool … There is a 0% tax rate.

    Start your move on the rail, cars, car maintenance service in railway, tractors are the Elimination of tariffs (excluding tractors, crawler).

    With automotive goods, tariffs have significant differences. Accordingly, the box from 30 persons specialized in airport tax is 20% up to 2018. The cars design guests from 6-18 ton tax was 50% in 2018.

    Cars and other motor vehicles designed primarily to carry users to play golf, a small racing car, sports car, 5% 2018 and tax pressure of 0%. The truck cranes, cranes, drills, concrete mixer truck, posing nude, clean lines, non-septic is 0% tax right. The other 50% tax pressure in 2018.

    Types of motorcycle tax pressure (45%), however some specialized types of 2018 will be reduced to 0%. Meanwhile the aircraft, space, ship, boat, boat fishing, sailing or other medical material is now 0%.

    Source: Aries-Internet



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