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    The experts of «the Huffington Post has launched the reviews about the possibility of the situation and the severity of it.

    The economic news agency Bloomberg introduced the 10 worst economic scenario for the year 2016.

    1. Crude oil up 100 per barrel

    There are a series of bad events will happen followed one another: the Islamic State forces claiming (IS) on the momentum lost the disruptive by attacking the production facilities and the main oil filter, oil production level of the world also suffer disorders due to a series of events such as the violence broke out anew in Niger Delta , political turmoil in Venezuela and the Algerian leader Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

    Parallel to that, the Organization of petroleum exporting countries (OPEC) couldn't increase production …

    The extent feasible: 3/10. Each of the above events is likely to occur, but the likelihood of them happening during 12 consecutive months to come back is very low.

    Severity: 7/10. Oil prices rocketed up vertically while the world economy, especially the economy of China and Europe, are fragile, the position could lead to a global recession. In that context, the exploitation of shale gas will rise again to offset oil price and then back off.

    2. He left the European Union (EU)

    British Prime Minister David Cameron vowed referendum to Him leaving the EU in June.

    He is Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London are very high, decided to conduct a campaign to overthrow Mr Cameron and success. Banks and investment funds to leave England, then there will be economic activities.

    The extent feasible: 4/10. Hardly likely he left the EU. The British have an attitude of distrust with the EU, but also afraid of difficult risk when leaving the EU. Campaign referendum would be a type of "punk", in which politicians explain to voters that left the EU would be "a disaster".

    Severity: 1/10. The fact if he left the EU, the economic impact is almost nothing. Britain does not use the euro should be viewed as common currency policy is also being reviewed.

    In terms of "identity", he left the EU but still stay in the European economic community, by type such as Norway and Switzerland, although not as a member of the EU but have more developed economies in the EU.

    3. The world financial system rúng because of being hackers attack

    Hackers in Russia and Iran together coordinated attacks targeting the us financial system in order to respond to the decisions of economic sanctions. Transactions on financial markets to stop against the dollar and the value of other financial collapse; Gold and high-end property will boom.

    The extent feasible: 5/10. The risk related to network attack is very important due to the complexity and interwoven in the informatics systems available today.

    Severity: 7/10. The attack has occurred and if successful will lead to global recession, so perhaps the market distrust on the financial institutions and the information technology systems which are the Foundation of the current economic activity.

    4. Dissolution of the EU:

    EU members attacked a range according to the type of attack that occurred in Paris on 13-11-2015, whereas the crisis migrated from the Middle East continued to grow, causing the disorder. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was pushed to resign due to the decision to accept emigrants in 2015.

    The extreme party prevailed all over Europe. The crisis caused concerns about the euro and since then the domino effect occurs, leading to the dissolution of common Community institutions.

    The extent feasible: 4/10. The possibility of terrorism is still high and the emigration crisis will increase the power for extreme parties, but history shows that the institutions of the EU once the resistance was the serious crisis like this.

    Severity: 8/10. The decay, disorder of the EU will lead to a political crisis, serious and very basic in Europe. Community area leading the economy no longer exist in the same common currency would lead to global economic crisis.

    But it must also see that when common currency no longer will probably start for the new launch of the European economy.

    5. Economic and political crises in China

    Apparently in the last few years China's economy no longer "health" as before. The situation of unemployment can lead to riots in the industrial zone. The Central Government responded by repression, censorship …

    Parallel to that, the United States, under the leadership of a new more autocratic President, fierce confrontation with China in the South China Sea and the Taiwan issue. The military party came to power in Beijing and the geopolitics of global crisis erupted.

    The extent feasible: 6/10. The Chinese economic data was considered "hyped" Chinese economy should be like sand castles.

    Chinese political institutions and the political role of the military wing also important though less publicly. Thus, the ability of middle-American confrontation still exists.

    Severity: 7-10/10. The level is set by the magnitude because it depends on the progress the service. At the lowest level, then the economic crisis-politics in China will lead to a global recession.

    At the highest levels, geopolitical crises due to conflict with America would could lead to nuclear war.


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