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    With an area of almost 2 million km2, and a population of 120 million people, Mexico is the 11th largest economy in the world and the potential export markets for many goods, including shoes in Vietnam.

    From 2010 to date, needs Mexico's footwear imports tend to rise steadily each year, on average 12% per year. In 2014, the import turnover is high for both phases, over 1 billion dollars, an increase of 10% compared to the year 2013. By 2014, China is the country with the highest market share (39.5%) with 23% increase, 398.53 million compared to the year 2013. The second is Vietnam, with a 4% increase, 285.23 million compared to the year 2013, accounting for 28.3% of the market. Indonesia is the third Asian country about turnover 106.22 million, a slight decrease of 5% compared with last year, accounting for 10.5% of the market. Italy, Spain, the United States, Brazil is the main national export shoes to Mexico by 2014.

    10 main markets to export shoes to Mexico by 2014

    Water 2014 turnover (million USD) The Mexican market share (%) Growth 2010-2014 (%) Growth in 2013-2014 (%)
    China 398.53 39.5 41 13
    Vietnam 185.23 28.3 3 4
    Indonesia 106.25 10.5 2 -5
    Italy 57.25 5.7 9 5
    Spain 54.14 5.4 10 17
    United States 35.32 3.5 4 -10
    Brazil 14.58 1.4 -9 13
    India 10.81 1.1 -7 44
    Cambodia 9.16 0.9 22 20
    Portugal 6.90 0.7 19 22

    In the period 2010-2012, Vietnam is a country with export turnover of footwear in Mexico, each year more than 200 million returns. But from 2013 to present, the import turnover of footwear from China increase, on the 300 million USD/year, Vietnam was losing market share. 2014, export turnover of footwear of Vietnam reached 285.23 million, an increase of 4% compared to the year 2013.

    The third quarter of 2015, needs Mexico's footwear imports have increased more than compared to the previous quarter, reaching $ 300.68, 20.51% increase compared with the second quarter of 2015, but falling 4.64 percent compared with the same period last year, the overall impact to many export markets, including Vietnam. Specifically, export turnover of footwear of Vietnam to the country to 84.17 million us dollars, up 16.94 percent compared with the second quarter of 2015, but falling 3.21 percent compared with the third quarter of 2014.

    10 items of Vietnam's main footwear export to Mexico (HS 6 number) third quarter of 2015

    HS Code Description of goods Turnover in the third quarter, 2015

    (thousand USD)

    Growth compared to the third quarter/2014 (%)
    640,411 Sport shoes have rubber or plastic outer soles, shoes with textile materials 40333 -0.54
    640,299 Footwear, outer soles and have rubber caps, plastic 16471 4.09
    640,399 Footwear, outer soles are rubber or plastics, uppers in leather 7587 -39.80
    640,391 Other shoes have rubber outer soles, plastic, leather or synthetic leather and leather shoes, hats, high ankle too old 6610 10.72
    640,419 Other shoes have rubber or plastic outer soles and uppers made of textile materials 4154 41.24
    640,291 Footwear, outer soles are rubber/plastic helmets and neck too high ankle 3778 -20.31
    640,219 Other sports shoes have soles and rubber or plastic caps 2399 -39.89
    640,690 The parts of shoes, slippers (shoes already or not yet tied the Roman Empire Emperor outside minus); the shoe's lining, removable footwear, heel cushions and similar products 821 5031.25
    640,340 Shoes have rubber outer soles, plastic, leather or synthetic leather, leather shoes, hats, metal nose guard 691 1370.21
    640,590 Other types of footwear 611 1122.00

    Data source: ITC

    Source: VietnamExport



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