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    The end of 2015, Vietnam's economy has received several important economic events relevant trới FTA, the us and China, may consider this to be the year "bumper" the free trade agreement of Vietnam.

    1. Complete negotiation of the Treaty of the century-TPP

    After a five-year effort to negotiate, in early October, 2015, 12 countries TPP, the General has.

    For Vietnam, the TPP can say is great opportunity but with this opportunity also brings many challenges for social-economic in the future.

    According to economic experts, Vietnam'S GDP may increase 23.5 billion in 2020 and 33.5 billion in 2025, thanks to positive changes from this economic event.

    When tariffs gradually reduced to 0%, Vietnam will attract foreign capital investment capital into Vietnam market quite large that again directly impacts many areas of economy, industry, agriculture. Thereby the quality of life of the people of Vietnam will probably be more lifting.

    Complete negotiation of the Treaty of the century (photo: Internet)

    2. The free trade agreement between Vietnam and the EU-EVFTA

    Minister of industry and trade vu Huy Hoang and-EU Trade Commissioner-Cecilia Malmstrom signed the agreement with the presence of Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Chairman of the EC Jean-Claude Juncker.
    Minister of industry and trade vu Huy Hoang

    On December 2,, Vietnam and the EU officially ended negotiations for the free trade agreement.

    EVFTA economic events have the impact on Vietnam's economy include: extension further markets for exports, especially those products that the two parties have strengths such as textiles, footwear, agriculture and fisheries, Vietnam's wood and machinery, equipment, cars, motorcycles, alcoholic beverages , some sort of EU agricultural products.

    Vietnam and the EU will abolish import duties for more than 99% of tariff lines. This will be a good news for the European standard product accessible to consumers in Vietnam. It will be the challenge for Free items if not change the standard of quality to compete better.

    This can be considered the highest commitment level that was reached in Vietnam the FTA agreements have been signed to date. Compared with the TPP, the benefit of Vietnam from EVFTA are also poor.

    More importantly, the EVFTA calculated up to competitive edge of Vietnam with other EU countries.

    This is demonstrated through the exchange of goods between countries, promoting the export of those items of Vietnam had the advantage.

    3. Vietnam-Asia-European Union FTA

    Max on March 5, at Kazakhsatn, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has on behalf of the Government of Vietnam officially signed a free trade agreement (FTA) between Vietnam and the Member countries of the Economic Union (EEU), Eurasian include Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

    Overall, the two sides are expected for each level of open commodity market accounted for about 90% of the tax line, equivalent to about 90% of bilateral trade turnover.

    According to the initial assessment of the Coalition, after the agreement takes effect, import-export turnover in the two parties will reach 10-12 billion in 2020 (2014 reaches about 4 billion dollars).

    In the next stage, when performing the agreement EEUV-FTA, the Union removed taxes immediately for many groups the main exports are Vietnam's major turnover to ally such as textiles, footwear, agricultural products, seafood, electronic goods …

    4. China devalued the Yuan dong-regional economic events of interest

    Minutes 11/8, China has officially declared the devalued Yuan 1.9%. In just 3 days, NDT has dropped 4.6 percent compared to the dollar.

    After several consecutive reduction increases, on the morning of December 14, the Central Bank of China again broke the same price. Accordingly, a u.s. dollar now was 6.4495 RMB.

    The reality wave of banknotes has played in a lot of countries in the region this year. Turn to the Philippines, Indonesia, … are all very strong currencies devalued.

    The Chinese dumping row copper Yuan (CNY) is the economic facts will directly impact Vietnam's economy, especially the export issue.

    5. Where room for foreign investors-economic events that will bring benefit for the investment market in Vietnam

    The Government has issued Decree 60/2015 amendments and supplements to some articles of Decree 58/2012. The Decree 60 unlimited ownership of foreign investors.

    SSI securities is the first company where room up 100% in early September this year.

    However, the exhilaration of SSI do not form the trend. Most of the companies on the floor still waiting for specific guidance before deciding where room for blocks.

    6. Global oil prices do not brake-economic events that many people's favorite ride

    If the early 2015, oil prices remain anchored in about 60 USD a barrel on the last day of the year, oil prices have "dropped" down to near record lows of 2008, trading around $ 40 a barrel and mold are aroused the fears could fall about 20USD/barrel level.

    The price of oil falling continuously while the countries pledged not to reduce output are causing the oil exporting countries encountered many difficulties, including Vietnam.

    An economic expert said, if oil prices continue to decrease depth will have a negative impact on Vietnam's economy and could reduce the 2 percentage point increase of GDP in 2016.

    However, with the contribution from oil exports fell from 20% of GDP to just 6.7 percent as the Government announced, the economic events that will impact not too seriously.

    7. The establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community-AEC: A regional economic events of note

    According to the integration process, just longer than 2 weeks is the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will officially formed (on 1/1/2016).

    Of the FTA, the tariff cuts in the ASEAN economic community is the most high, taller than compared to other FTA and the TPP. About the freedom of goods and service, then the commitment in the AEC is also the highest.

    Opportunity for business when the AEC forms that are opened many markets for business, creating new dynamics and air for business …

    8. The Fed raised interest rates-economic event highlights

    After a two-day meeting, Jan. 17/12 (Vietnam time) open market Committee (FOMC) agreed to lift interest rates for the first time in almost a decade, from a 0-0.25% to 0.5%-0.25. The FOMC also predicts the end of the year 2016, interest rates will stay about 1.375%.

    The Fed raised interest rates the dollar up were also experts in water predictions from quite long ago and for that it will cause pressure on the exchange rate USD in Vietnam.

    At present, the exchange rate USD/VND have plays. If the pressure continues on large, SBV will be forced to proceed to loosen.

    The downside of the dollar sharply up as people's confidence in the USD may be rickety and it may affect inflation because imported goods can pay a larger copper coins, public debt also increased if calculated by money.

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