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    1. What is a barcode?

    What is a barcode? The barcode is 1 the outline and blank are arranged in a certain encoding rules to represent the data in the form can be read by machines

    2. Classifieds

    Linear barcodes (1 d barcode)

    What is a barcode

    2D barcode, barcode



    3. Barcode structure

    The drums start The characters
    The characters
    The characters
    The characters
    Free space


    The start character and end character: only the start and end of the barcode scanner need direction and just read.

    Free space: the before and after reading the letter ending characters, do not write any symbol on which to prepare the scanner to read.

    A character test: in order to check the correctness of the encoded character.

    For example:


    4. Advantages of bar codes

    Create barcodes the easy way: by kind of barcode printing technology should be built is simple and inexpensive.

    Anti erase: erase will lead to broken barcode reader can not read correctly.

    High accuracy: barcode reading equipment is relatively simple. Today, barcode reading devices are very common, inexpensive barcode equipment and just need a regular printer can also be

    5. The application of bar code

    Health care services and public health

    Bar codes used to help manage blood bank
    Application of barcode in the healthcare industry

    Asset inventory management

    By the label has in the barcode, enterprises, organizations can manage, inventory assets easily

    Tracking of cargo and parcels

    2D_imagers (noproduct) _ Logistics
    The bar code on an approach to the postal industry, helping to manage parcels easy, time-saving and secure

    Personal identification

    Employee cards, personal identification cards that use bar codes

    The point of sale

    The machine reads the bar code used in most supermarkets

    Production process control

    Use the trace access system using bar codes (Barcoding) to test the product (source: Findlaw)

    Security and security control

    baggage claim-product line
    Barcode scanner and RFID attached with Navigator used for airports to manage the baggage
    Using bar codes in sales help ensure security

    Transportation and logistics needs

    Van-Ioana-hang-United States
    Thanks to barcode, goods in transit are easy, simple management

    Warehouse and distribution management

    Warehouse management processes through the bar code
    Warehouse management system using bar codes

    6. Barcode list of countries

    Through the first 3 numbers of the barcode will be inferred to be the country in which the business barcode registration of cargo.


    00-13: USA & Canada 20-29: In-Store Functions 30-37: France
    40-44: Germany 45: Japan 46: Russia Federation
    471: Taiwan 474: Estonia 475: Latvia
    477: Lithuania 479: Sri Lanka 480: Philippines
    482: Ukraine 484: Moldova 485: Armenia
    486: Georgia 487: Kazakhstan 489: Hong Kong
    49: Japan 50: United Kingdom 520: Greece
    528: Lebanon 529: Cyprus 531: Macedonia
    535: Malta 539: Ireland 54: Belgium & Luxembourg
    560: Portugal 569: Iceland 57: Denmark
    590: Poland 594: Romania 599: Hungary
    600 & 601: South Africa 609: Mauritias 611: Morocco
    613: Algeria 619: Tunisia 622: Egypt
    625: Jordan 626: Iran 64: Filland
    690-697: China 70: Norway 729: Israel
    73: Sweden 740: Guatemala 741: El Salvador
    742: Honduras 743: Nicaragua 744: Costa Rica
    746: Dominican Republic 750: Mexico 759: Venezuela
    76: Switzerland 770: Colombia 773: Uruguay
    775: Peru 777: Bolivia 779: Argenntina
    780: Chile 784: Paraguay 785: Peru
    786: Ecuador 789: Brazil 80-83: Italy
    84: Spain 850: Cuba 858: Slovakia
    859: Czech Repubic 860: Yugloslavia 869: Turkey
    87: Netherlands 880: South Korea 885: Thailand
    888: Singapore 890: India 893: Vietnam
    899: Indonesia 90 & 91: Austria 93: Australia
    94: New Zealand 955: Maylaysia 977: International Standard Serial Number for Periodicals (ISSN)
    978: International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN) 979: International Standard Music Number (ISMN) 980: Refund receipts
    981 & 982: Common Currency Coupons 99: Coupons

    7. Print and read bar codes

    Types of bar codes today are printed on the technology in direct heat, laser or inkjet cartridge, a common way is based on the created image of the barcode on the label.

    A bar code with length 12 characters will be identified in time by 2 people's keystrokes.

    Source: Internet



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